Windows 7 creates illegal botnet

AMSTERDAM - Illegal copies of Windows 7 have been infected with malicious software, which cybercriminals a botnet of thousands of PCs have created.

That reported by researchers at security firm Damballa opposite eWeek . Damballa say they now have disabled the network.

Botnets are networks of computers that have been infected with a virus for example. PCs, also known as 'zombies', can then be exploited for illegal activities such as spamming or intercept bank details by hackers.

Such viruses often lifts along with illegal copies of software. Since late April circulating on download sites contaminated pirate versions of Windows 7, the new operating system from Microsoft that has come on the market. During the autumn

Tripp Cox Damballa tells eWeek that the botnet before it was turned off consisted of at least 27,000 zombies. / Internet | Illegal Windows 7 creates botnet

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